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    Why is Bariatric Surgery So Popular?

    Bariatric Surgery isn’t a easy surgery to consider, nor is it risk-free. So why are people so determined to undergo bariatric surgery? Many people contact us because they know friends or family who’ve undergone weight-loss surgery and are confused as to why it’d be so popular. I mean it’s expensive, has risks, takes time, and severely changes your lifestyle. Yet, the number of bariatric surgeries being preformed year-after-year continue to rise.

    In today’s modern world, we are the most productive we’ve ever been. We enjoy fantastic technologies that make our lives easier and more resourceful. Yet, we are the busiest we’ve have ever been. We are juggling professional and social lives on different mediums and different forms of communication. So it’s easy to see how we’ve been

    Weight Loss Surgeryskipping physical activities, and have taken a backseat in terms of our dietary habits. There are more fast food restaurants than casually-dining restaurants (200,000 fast food restaurants verse 80,000 casual-dining restaurants). And it shows, one-third of all U.S. adults are obese, and another one-third are overweight.
    People have become so accustom to fast food, that some studies indicate people depend on them. People who live busy lifestyles and have little time can sometimes be addicted to fast food. People depended on the cheapness of a quick meal, can also be addicted to fast food. Fast food is cheap, fast and convenient, but it’s extremely bad for you. Having bariatric surgery makes sense for people who live very demanding schedules, people who can’t count calories, or maintain a strict diet.

    Losing weight is a necessity for a lot of individuals. Losing weight now, instead of later, is necessary for a fraction of those people. Many people simple cannot lose weight, or lose weight fast enough, as indicated by their physician. Obesity as created a lot of problems, but it has also prompted the rise to several solutions: dieting, pharmaceuticals, obesity surgery and more. When people who need to lose quickly and exhaust a lot of different options before them, it’s imperative that they look into bariatric surgery. Most times, bariatric surgery is suggested by their physician because it’s scientifically proven to help people lose weight.

    Bariatric surgery is also a top choice for many because of its quick, and produces sufficient, high levels of expected weight-loss. It also greatly benefits co-morbidites, like reversing or limiting type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. But mostly, it’s because of it’s benefits on a person’s quality of life. More than 80% feel a better quality of life after they’ve undergone bariatric surgery, even with all the post-surgery requirements. Bariatric isn’t the easy way out, it’s the safe way out from obesity. Contact our staff today to learn more about our weight loss surgery options.

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