Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna use the most equipped and medically advanced surgical services facilities in Tijuana, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Tijuana Surgical Facilities

Hospital VIDA

VIDA Hospital

Dr. Alejandro Lopez works out of the beautiful, Hospital VIDA in Tijuana Mexico. Patients who perform surgery at Hospital VIDA will also be staying in their spacious and relaxing, Recovery Boutique Baja the second night following their procedures. Please visit the page to learn more.

View Hospital VIDA


Hospital Mi Doctor

Hospital Mi DoctorSpecialized Bariatrics, Inc., Dr. Lopez and Dr. Osuna, uses Mi Doctor Hospital in Tijuana exclusively. Mi Doctor Hospital is one of the most trusted hospital facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. Just few blocks from the US – Mexico border, Mi Doctor Hospital is dedicated to bariatric surgery services. It has 3 operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff.

View Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana


INT Hospital

INT Hospital

Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna, work in one of Tijuana’s top hospitals: INT Hospital. INT Hospital comes equipped with four operating rooms, full ICU and 20 beds. The hospital is dedicated to medical tourism and nurses are attentive to patients.

View INT Hospital in Tijuana


Puerto Vallarta Hospitals

Hospital Medica Ebor – Puerto Vallarta

HOSPITAL MEDICA EBOR logoDr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna work very closely with Hospital Medica Ebor in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hospital Medica Ebor (formerly Cornerstone Hospital) is a well respected hospital that is capable of hosting all weight loss surgery options including revisional surgeries.

View Hospital Medica Ebor in Puerto Vallarta


San Javier Medical Tower Nuevo Vallarta Surgery Hospital

San Javier Hospital

San Javier medical tower is Internationally accredited brand new hospital in beautiful Nuevo Vallarta. This hospital is dedicated to bariatric surgeries as well as other surgeries. Dr. Alejandro Lopez is working exclusively in this hospital for his bariatric surgery patients in Puerto Vallarta.

View San Javier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta


Guadalajara Hospitals

Clinica Del Pilar


Clinica Del Pilar is a full-service hospital capable of hosting all the major weight loss surgeries with Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna.

View Clinica Del Pilar Hospital in Guadalajara

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