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    Steps to Survive Potential Holiday Weight Gain

    It’s that time of year again, the season for fattening desserts, calorie-high meals and endless holiday parties. Whether you’re on a diet or recovering from your weight loss surgery, choosing healthy choices during this holiday season is imperative to your future weight loss success. Studies show that most adults do in fact gain weight over the holiday season. There are countless tips that can be used in order to survive the holiday weight gain.

    Stay Active – In order to maintain or lose weight one must engage in regular activity to burn off extra calories. If you’re looking to indulge a bit, it’s important to exercise even more to maintain your weight. For example, if you have treadmill at home, watch your favorite television show and get moving. Feeling lazy? Hire a personal train to teach you how to burn calories more efficiently.

    Increase Your Fruit & Veggies Intake – Make sure you are eating more than seven servings of vegetables and fruits daily in order to fill yourself up and contain fewer calories and give the body more nutrients. Pack your refrigerators with these items or choose foods that incorporate more of these things this holiday season.
    Limit Yourself – If you’re finding it hard to not eat that Christmas cookie or piece of pumpkin pie, limit yourself to one small serving of something you shouldn’t eat. If you indulge in a small portion and don’t deprive yourself, you are less likely to binge eat. A small serving is easier to burn off then a day’s worth of extra calories.

    Plan Ahead – Never go to a party hungry. Eat a healthy snack or fill up on water before going to your next holiday party. If you do, when you get to the party you won’t be ready to overindulge in dips and hors d’oeuvres. If you’re going to a pot luck dinner, opt to bring a healthy food option that you will be most likely to choose on that snack table.

    Control Your Temptations – Try to control the fact of coming into foods that are tempting to you and that could risk your diet. If you work in an office, come to an understanding with your co-workers that no bad foods will be left in the open, but placed in a specific place those who want to indulge can find them.

    Plan Ahead For Parties – If you’re having a party yourself, be wise when choosing what you’re going to service. For example, offer a variety of healthy foods that your guests can enjoy without any worries. Also, give them a smaller plate so they are less likely to overeat before the meal. Offer a smaller amount of more fattening hors d’ouevres.

    When cooking, avoid any sauces that can be fattening from cream or half and half. For salads, always use oil-based dressings that are lower calories. For desserts, try low-cal desserts such as puddings, angel food cake or fruit. Also watch the drinks you’re serving and consuming as high-fat eggnog can be a worse choice than that of a light beer or wine.

    Ultimately, focus on enjoying time with family and friends and try to think less about what food and drinks will be offered. If you don’t spend the time reflecting on things that can jeopardize your weight loss then you will are more likely not to binge eat, overindulge or gain weight this holiday season.

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