View the Entire Process: Click to Open New Window.

View the Entire Process: Click to Open New Window.

Step One: The first step and one of the most necessary steps in this process is to fill out and submit the health history form. After careful assessment of this form it is possible that the doctor will require additional lab work or medical records before he or she can give you their approval.

Step Two: Once you are approved you will be contacted by the patient coordinator who will then advise you of the available dates and surgeons to choose from.

Step Three: Once you have selected dates and they have been approved you will need to check your inbox very carefully for an “upcoming” email. This email is very important because it contains information about booking flights, both pre-op and post-op diets, and medications. However, two items are required before anymore progress can be made. You must complete and submit the consent form. In addition a deposit of $750 must be received within 3 days of scheduling surgery dates. It is important to remember and know that payments submitted in any form other than credit card require a copy be faxed to: 1 855 Dr Lopez.

Step Four: In the days before you depart for your surgery you will want to make sure your passport is current and ready to use. This would also be a good time to stock up on items needed for both the pre-op and post-op diets. Following these diets exactly as they are recommended is imperative, likewise; so is following the 3 day liquid diet 3 days prior to surgery. If you encounter any changes with medications, health, or travel plans you must let your patient coordinator know before you depart for surgery. When packing you will want to pack lightly; items like: a loose night shirt, roll of medical tape, gauze, and any regular medications. Place laptop, note pad, or electronic devices in travel cases with your name clearly labeled on them.

Step Five: Once you arrive at the airport your driver will pick you up and drive you to the hotel. Remember, your driver will have contacted you the day before to advise you of your pick up time. At the hotel a patient coordinator will meet you and see to it that your check in is completed without any complications. A credit card is required at check in for any incidentals. You will be given a quick reference sheet this will contain relevant phone numbers, should it become necessary to contact anyone with questions during your stay. The patient coordinators will inform you of your surgery pick up time and shuttle to the hospital.
Step Six: When you arrive to the hospital the patient coordinators will assist you with check in. This is the time you should expect to have your lab work done, receive your hospital gown, and have your pre-surgery consults completed. Please have all your questions ready to ask at this time. Also, be aware that procedure times do vary based on type of surgery. For your convince phones are located within the hospital to call family members.

Step Six: After your surgery walking is the best way to recover and heal so make sure you do plenty of walking. A scan of your stomach is required to check for leaks. You will be taken for this test the following date after your surgery. Be advised it is necessary to drink a small cup of contrast media to complete this test. To insure proper healing the doctors will check on you regularly. Typically your drain will be removed at discharge; however, in some cases this can take a day or two longer. For your convenience a bag has been put together containing: antibiotics, OTC pain medication, CD of your leak test, and contact information. You will receive this upon discharge then ride the shuttle back to the hotel.

Step Seven: Your recovery time at the hotel is your time for two full days of rest and relaxation. The patient coordinators will contact you about your times for pick up for your departure. In preparation for departure print your boarding passes and check your room thoroughly for any personal belongings. Then check out. It is very important to allow yourself ample time for travel to the airport or to cross the border in the case of Tijuana.

Step Eight: It is very important that during your return trip home you keep your feet moving, never lift any heavy bags, and maintain proper hydration with juice and water but NO coffee or tea.
Step Ten: It is imperative to follow your post-op diet extremely carefully once at home.

Post-Op Diet:
Week One: Clear Liquids
Week Two: Add Vitamins to your Liquids
Week Three: Add Pureed Foods
Week Four: Add Soft Solids

Some things to be aware of:

Keep hydrated by sipping fluids all day long. When introducing solids back into your diet GO SLOW, and talk to your doctor regularly about vitamin use.


It is possible to need an adjustment in your insulin, please check with your doctor.

For any questions about your post-op diet please contact us. We also strongly recommend scheduling a follow up appointment with your primary care physician within 10 days of returning home after your surgery.

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