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    Overview and Guide of Medical Tourism in Mexico

    Oftentimes when people think of weight loss surgery in a foreign country such as Mexico, they think negative. However, according to the Joint Commission International, a medical accreditation agency that tests hospital aboard, having weight loss surgery in Mexico is safe and recommended. Always do research to determine if the place you have chosen is safe and follows all proper health codes to ensure your safety before, during and after weight loss surgery.

    It is no secret that weight loss surgery’s track record for sustainable and significant weight loss is ongoing. There are many bariatric surgeries to choose from including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric banding, duodenal switch and revisional surgery. The agency believes there are competent and skilled surgeons in Mexico able to complete any or all of these surgeries for willing patients. Many surgeons and hospitals in Mexico have made partnerships with United States-based organizations to add to their credibility. These places make them uphold a high standard of excellence furthering the safety of having surgery with them in Mexico.

    Before choosing to endure weight loss surgery, whether in the United States or in Mexico, it’s important to understand the commitment one is making. This is not a quick fix for one’s obesity, but a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and an active life. The process does not end after weight loss surgery occurs, but continues in order to both continue and maintain weight loss for a lifetime.

    Concerns with Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

    It’s only normal and responsible to have concerns regarding weight loss surgery aboard. However, after finding a reputable surgeon that can safely administer this procedure, it’s important to let go of these concerns. In terms of travelling, a patient will want someone to come with them to not only provide support, but help them get home safely. Most surgeons will recommend that a patient stays in their country for after least two weeks after weight loss surgery to prevent the risk of deep vein thrombosis, which can occur with flying. Issues such as complications that can arise after surgery should be discussed prior to surgery day.

    Cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

    Much like any other country, the cost of bariatric surgery will vary on the type of surgery a patient chooses. According to All Medical Tourism, the gastric bypass surgery costs on average $21,000 in the United States versus $12,325 in Mexico; Lap band surgery $17,500 in U.S. and $7,233 in Mexico and the Gastric sleeve is $15,000 in U.S. and $11,825 in Mexico. All of these numbers are estimates according to their research, but they all show a decrease in price when surgery is administered in Mexico versus that of the United States.

    Weight Loss Surgery Process in Mexico

    You will first have to contact a surgeon or hospital or work with a health travel agency to find a hospital in Mexico. The surgeon will review your medical history and suggest a weight loss surgery that seems most acceptable. A surgeon and the patient’s local physician will then communicate with you to discuss your medical history and the surgery as well as any of your questions or concerns. A consensus must occur regarding the treatment method. The surgeon and the person’s American physician will collaborate to make sure that the safest option is chosen for the patient. All other external factors such as time and place of surgery will be determined too.

    From there, a total cost is determined. Oftentimes when travelling aboard for weight loss surgery, the cost will include all surgical costs, hospital stay, prescription medications, nurse visits and any follow-up. Travel to and from the hospital typically is separate from that comprehensive cost.

    Expect to arrive in Mexico a few days prior to the surgery as you will need to go through any required pre-operative works or tests before surgery occurs. Before surgery, the surgeon will explain the process as well as any post-op requirements. After surgery, you are moved into your private room and remain there until it is certain you have no complications as a result of your bariatric surgery. Typically, you will be asked to stay in Mexico at least two weeks after surgery before travelling home. All follow-up visits typically are handled by a patient’s local physician (which will be an added cost to the procedure).

    Things to Do Before Travelling for Surgery

    If you haven’t already, make sure to plan a follow-up visit with your physician when you arrive home. They will be your source of information during your weight loss process from the time you arrive home, so it’s important they are a part of the process during the preparation process. Make sure that your bariatric surgeon in Mexico has your physician’s contact information so they can communicate about your progress. Also make sure that whoever is travelling with you is up to date on what to expect in terms of the surgery you’re having, the recovery and what you expect from them.

    Ultimately, having weight loss surgery in Mexico is safe and has been successful for many. One’s success ultimately is determined by the preparations they make prior to travelling for surgery. The more prepared one is, the more success they can expect from their weight loss surgery.

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