• 12 MAY 14
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    Philly Magazine Article Offers Tips on How to Help Keep Post-Surgery

    The article, published in Philly Magazine, focuses on helping weight loss surgery patients to keep the weight off post-op. They mention several eating habits that can be adopted in order to help jump start or to length weight loss following surgery.

    Always eat breakfast.

    Studies show that regular breakfast eaters tend to jumpstart their metabolism earlier in the day resulting in a slimmer frame. Always eat a balanced breakfast which will help overeating at other meals during the day. Breakfast should include a type of protein (low-fat milk, nut butter, eggs or yogurt), which helps to satisfy hunger for a long period of time.

    Eat less, more often.

    Several small meals are advisable for those who have endured weight loss surgery. This keeps the metabolism going and also prevents someone from overeating because they are so hungry. It is important to choose foods that give nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and protein. Before surgery, a dietician most likely will help patients devise a meal plan they can follow after surgery.

    Watch what you drink.

    There are countless calories in beverages, most of which come from sugar with no nutritional value. Swap these beverages for water, unsweetened teas or lemonades or even Crystal Light. Being hydrated will help individuals who confuse hunger and thirst and will help to eliminate mindless eating.

    Follow Up Accordingly

    It’s important to go to all follow-up visits and to follow the plan that the dietician has set forth. These plans are created in order to take the guesswork out of meals and help patients to lose weight and to continue to lose weight during the post-op process. They keep patients accountable and many studies show that it helps to increase a patient’s success rate if they follow the post-op process exactly. Most dieticians and doctors are even available by email now, so if you have a question just shoot them a quick note.

    Cook More At Home

    It’s tempting to eat out often when you’re tired or just don’t know what to cook. However, most food prepared outside of the home has too many calories and fat content. They also are served in large portions. Cooking at home allows you to know exactly what is in your food, to control what you eat and to limit the fat content as well as to eliminate high levels of sugar or salt in the food. If you do find yourself in a position where you have to eat out, choose something as healthy as possible to eat and watch your portion size. Ask for half of an entrée to be wrapped ahead of time or ordering an appetizer as your entrée instead.

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