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    Obalon Gastric Balloon

    ObalonObalon is a variation of Gastric Balloon, which uses an implant that inflates. The ball is designed to help weight loss by partially filling the stomach capacity, and thus restrict your ability to induce a feeling of satiety. The placement of one or more balloons in the stomach will help you to eat less and lose weight.

    Obalon was featured in Nightline TV show gaining widespread interest from people all over the world. Currently, Obalon doesn’t have FDA approval in the United States, so many are flocking to Mexico and countries in Europe to undergo the procedure.

    While Obalon is a new procedure and there is a lack of studies proving its efficacy, the preliminary studies look promising. But there needs to be more studies to prove its efficacy and safety.

    What is the treatment procedure ?

    Obalon lasts for 3 months and studies have shown that people lose, on average 50% of their excess weight.

    How long does it take to place?

    Placing the ball takes about 10 minutes. It is simply swallowing a capsule containing the ball without anesthesia or sedation. The balloon is inflated, and you’re done! In the following weeks, the doctor may recommend placing 1 or 2 more balls. After 3 months, you should come back for a brief extraction procedure of the balls.

    What are the possible side effects?

    imagesThe most common side effects are: Abdominal cramps (typically, the two first days of treatment ), Nausea ( more likely during the first few days; some patients may vomit in the early days ).

    The doctor will recommend medications to help you manage side effects. Ask your doctor for more information about all possible side effects and risks.

    What to Expect?

    What else to expect: Over 3 months of treatment, the doctor can add a second or third ball to stimulate weight loss. Chances are when you eat to fill before ; however, you will lose more weight if further follow a healthy diet during the treatment period of 3 months with the ball.

    Note! This product is offered in Mexico and is not available for sale in the United States.

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