GPS Medical Travel Insurance

GPS Medical Travel Insurance

Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. has implemented “medical travel” accident coverage to meet the needs of medical tourists through Global Protective Solutions (GPS). It was designed to address the accidents occurring outside of the medical tourist’s home country. The medical travel insuranc covers the potential financial costs of accidental complications or travel accident related expenses.

Medical travel is the practice of travelling outside a person’s home country for the purposes of receiving medical care to save money, to obtain services not available in their home country or to have elective procedures in conjunction with a restful vacation. Every medical procedure has risks; these risks are the same no matter where you were having a medical procedure.

Is traveling to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery Safe?

Nearly every surgical procedure has some sort of risk. But picking the right medical tourism facilitator is a major factor in making sure your medical tourism trip is safe. Just like the medical tourism facilitator, the surgeons and hospitals should be accredited by the Joint Commission International or an equivalent organization.

What happens if my procedure goes awry?

Provisions have been made for comprehensive 24 hour travel assistance, by simply calling the Specialty Assist™ telephone numbers provided on the ID Card.

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Disclaimer: Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. is not in any financial or business partnership with Global Protective Solutions (GPS). Our role as a Medical Tourism Agent is to refer our clients to GPS in good faith for purchasing insurance coverage only and we cannot be held liable for any issues resulting form an insurance policy purchased from GPS. Any matter should be directed to GPS and dealt with solely by them.

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