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    FACS Recommends Bariatric Surgery Facilities.

    Bariatric surgery is very effective way of losing weight in patients with morbid obesity. Today, many hospitals and bariatric surgery centers are offering weight loss surgery around the globe that it is becoming very difficult for the patients to select a right facility for their important surgery. The most serious concern about this issue is greater number of complications arising after weight loss surgeries being performed at substandard facilities

    American College of Surgeons is a well-known institute that keeps an eye on health issues related to surgery; its recommendations are followed all over the world. Below are these are guidelines that the American College of Surgeons recommend:

    American college of surgeons Recommendations for Facilities Performing Bariatric Surgery

    Bariatric surgery hospital or center needs proper staff, operating room and other facilities that are mandatory for safe procedures. American College of Surgeons has following recommendations for an ideal facility offering bariatric surgery.


    • Bariatric surgery team of experienced and committed surgeons, Anesthesiologists, nurses, and nutritionists
    • Recovery room staff experienced in difficult ventilatory and respirator support
    • Floor nurses experienced in respiratory care, management of nasogastric and abdominal wall drainage tubes, and ambulation of morbidly obese patient; knowledge of common perioperative complications and ability to recognize intravascular volume, cardiac, diabetic, and vascular problems
    • Availability of specialists in cardiology, pulmonology, rehabilitation, and psychiatry
    Operating Room:
    • Special operating room tables and equipment to accommodate morbidly obese patients
    • Retractors suitable for bariatric surgical procedures
    • Specifically designed stapling instruments
    • Appropriately long surgical instruments
    • Other special supplies unique to the procedure
    Hospital Facilities:
    • Recovery room capable of providing critical care to obese patients
    • Available intensive care unit with similar capabilities
    • Hospital beds, commodes, chairs, and wheelchairs to accommodate the morbidly obese
    • Radiology and other diagnostic equipment capable of handling morbidly obese patients
    • Long-term follow-up care facilities including rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric care, nutritional counseling, and support groups

    Decision is Yours

    Practically speaking available options for weight loss surgery are of two types:

    1. Bariatric surgery centers that have only one operating room and a recovery room. Staff is marginal and untrained, usually these centers lack of special radiology equipment and intensive care facility. They claim to be 600 dollars cheaper but only due to lack of these essential requirements of safe baritric surgery.
    2. Dedicated bariatric surgery hospitals that have track record of success and experience in the field of bariatric surgery, two well-equipped operating rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care unit and a full flagged radiology department. All the staff including surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, nutrionist, intensive care and recovery room staff is experienced in their relevant field. Long-term follow-up facility is provided.

    Remember ideal weight is important for healthy living but life is also important; don’t make a wrong decision at this crucial step of selecting a facility for weight loss surgery. To learn more information about selecting a proper weight loss procedure please contact us today.

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