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Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a restrictive weight loss procedure that permanently restricts the stomach. Gastric Sleeve Procedure is now the standard in bariatric surgery – having proven to provide high expected weight loss with low risks.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a weight loss surgery that changes the way a person’s stomach digests their food and how it passes it on to their small intestines. Gastric Bypass surgery is the type of weight loss surgery most commonly performed for people who need to lose weight for health reasons and to improve quality of life.
Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Banding procedure uses an implant, which creates restriction around the upper part of the stomach.This limits how much food can be absorbed at one time, thus reducing how much the individual eats.
Gastric Banding Surgery in Mexico

Mini Gastric Bypass, otherwise known as MGB, is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the Roux en-Y procedure due to the simplicity of its construction and low risk of complications.
Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Plication is a reversible restrictive weight loss surgery procedure. Gastric Plication uses sutures to enclose the stomach inside itself, thereby reducing caloric intake.
Gastric Sleeve Plication in Mexico

Duodenal Switch is a procedure that combines restrictive and malabsorptive procedures for long-term weight loss. It is sometimes known as a biliopancreatic diversion. This procedure creates a smaller pouch in the stomach to hold food, while also bypassing a portion of the small intestine.
Duodenal Switch in Mexico

Revisional Bariatric Surgery is bariatric surgery with the purpose of revising or repairing a previous weight loss surgery. Most common revisional bariatric surgery is Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve revision.
Revisional Bariatric Surgery

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    Bariatric Surgery Reduces Heart Disease Instances in Patients

    New research indicates that severely obese individuals that undergo gastric bypass surgery can see heart abnormalities related to obesity to become stabile or possibly partially reversed. Dr. Sheldon Litwin, MD and Chief of Cardiology at the Medical College of Georgia believe that both cardiac function and size became more normal in patients that underwent a

    • 29 AUG 14
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    Bariatric Surgery Aids in Hyperlipidemia Improvements

    Recent studies indicate that bariatric surgery can be effective in helping to reduce cholesterol levels in morbidly obese individuals. The facts indicate that hyperlipidemia is seen in approximately 50% of individuals categorized as severely obese. There is also no indication that there is improvement in lipid levels after traditional weight management techniques and methods. This

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    Prescriptions and Weight Loss Surgery Satisfies Better than Lifestyle Changes

    A study presented on June 21, 2014 at the 16th International Congress of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society’s 96th Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago, Illinois showed that nearly 60% of the obese patients that they studied are taking no action to reduce their weight. The analysis of the 2012 National Health and Wellness Survey

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    Dr. Alejandro Lopez to Attend Seminar on Bariatric Surgery in Montreal Canada

    Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC), a provider of affordable weight loss surgery, offers a free weight loss surgery seminar in Montreal, Canada. Learn everything you need to know about obesity and what it takes to achieve a healthier you through weight loss surgery. Alejandro Lopez, MD, a resident bariatric surgeon with Mexico Bariatric Center will be