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    • 24 APR 14
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    Stomach Folding Surgery Holds Promise for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

    According to a pilot study, a new weight loss surgery procedure that folds the stomach itself produced excellent weight loss success. The study’s researchers believe that the new procedure remains a great choice for weight loss treatment in the morbidly obese. The gastric plication procedure uses a minimally-invasive technique that dramatically reduces a patient’s stomach

    • 12 APR 14
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    Bariatric Surgery Provides Long-Term Control of Diabetes, Cleveland Clinic Study Reports

    Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that an effective and durable treatment for Type II Diabetes in obese patients is in fact, bariatric surgery. Their study found that the surgical procedure helped surgical patients to be insulin free and to be free of many diabetic medications nearly three years after surgery. The trial, STAMPEDE (Surgical